Our Mission

Vision Statement

Envision an America where every citizen posseses both the knowledge and means to assert his or her rights under the law.

Envision an America where unlawful searches, racial profiling, and other forms of misconduct by our law enforcement officers are merely transgressions of our speckled past. See a nation that focuses its valuable and limited resources against those who pose real threats to society. See a justice system where convictions against those individuals are secured because of good policework instead of coercion and exploitation, and are subsequently upheld not because courts redefine after-the-fact their interpretations of the law, but rather because police played by the rules.

Envision an America where disabled persons know how to enact the protections afforded them by the Americans with Disabilities Act, and actively encourage our academic institutions, government entities, and places of business to abide by its provisions.

Envision a generation of Americans that understands, embraces, and is prepared to stand up for the constitutional protections that made this country great, rather than cynically casting them aside as if they no longer apply in these United States.

Mission Statement

To achieve our vision, Know My Rights conducts seminars and workshops to teach people about their legal rights, and when and how to assert those rights. Knowledge is the best and most effective means toward positive social change. Education is the answer.