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  • ...As a Lawyer

    Know My Rights relies on licensed attorneys from our communities in the execution of our programs. If you're a lawyer with an interest in reaching out to your neighbors and empowering them to understand and effectively assert their rights, all while fostering a little good will for yourself and perhaps even documenting a few pro bono hours or CLE credits for your state Bar Association, we'd love to have you on board!

  • ...As a Law Student

    How long into your law school career was it before you first learned something that had you wishing you had known it years earlier? -- A week? Less? Well, there's no need to wait until you're done with school and practicing law to be able to pass along that vital knowledge to people when they need it. Know My Rights has an extensive network of law student interns that research and write most of our programs and website content. If you're a civic-minded law student with an interest in social justice and individual rights, consider applying for an internship with Know My Rights. You'll gain valuable experience, acquire pro bono hours or independent study credits (as allowed by your law school), and have fun knowing that you're making a genuine difference in empowering people to properly assert their rights under the law!

  • ...As a Citizen

    Not a lawyer or a law student? No problem! Know My Rights actively seeks assistance from all civic-minded members of our communities in everything from outreach to grant writing to administration and more! If you've got the time and the passion, we'd love for you to join our team.

  • ...As a High School or College Educator

    The task of implementing our programs is often complex and sometimes daunting. The approval process for presentations from third-parties in the public school system can vary from county-to-county, and sometimes from school-to-school. Experience has shown us that if we begin with a showing of interest and support from a teach or school administrator, that process becomes infinitely simpler, smoother, and faster. If you're a high school or college educator or administrator and you'd like Know My Rights to do a program for your students, just reach out and we'll make it happen together!

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