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    We conduct seminars and workshops to teach people about their legal rights, and when and how to assert those rights. Knowledge is the best and most effective means toward positive social change. Education is the answer. Read More +
  • I think, therefore I am...

    The need for people to understand, appreciate, and assert their constitutional rights grows increasingly more urgent as these rights are being eroded from the fabric of our society each and every day. Fortunately, these trends are neither inevitable nor irreversible. Read More +
  • When coppers cop a feel...

    Our podcast on pat downs and the "plain feel" doctrine. Give a listen. You just might learn something.... Read More +
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  • The U.S. Supreme Court's opinion in Herring v. United States further weakened the exclusionary rule by expanding the so-called "good faith" exception. What is the exclusionary rule? Why do we have it? What's the "good faith" exception? These
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  • In this introductory episode, Smoove explains about the Constitution and reads the actual Fourth Amendment. He defines the terms "search," "seizure," "warrant," and "probable cause," and then talks about exceptions to the warrant requirement. He goes through a
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  • In Redding v. Safford Unified School District, a federal case out of Arizona, a 13-year-old girl was interrogated and strip searched on flimsy evidence as part of the War on Advil in our middle schools! Huh?... Yeah. There
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