Water Water Everywhere, But Not A Drop To Drink

Your water bill may be going up 15 percent to make up for all the money utility companies are losing because you are obeying the water restrictions.

Palm Beach County commissioners are discussing the surcharge right now at their commission meeting.

The hike would work out to about five dollars more a month for the average customer, though customers living in Royal Palm Beach would be exempt under an earlier agreement.

The utility representatives say they lost about six million dollars since water restrictions took effect last year, however the utility company admitted there is more than enough water to serve Palm Beach County right now. In fact, water levels are up and the extra water being saved by the restrictions is being pumped out into the ocean. Commissioners say they're shocked at this admission.

If approved, the hike would begin May 1st.

Commissions asked the utility company if it would eventually drop rates when water usage is allowed to increase. The utility says it's a possibility.