URGENT: Congress To Vote On Harmful Student Drug Law

Nobody should ever be denied an education because they have a drug possession conviction. But that's exactly what will continue to happen if an amendment is passed by Congress today or tomorrow. Your help is needed, RIGHT NOW, to keep students in school!

(1) MAKE THE CALL: Dial the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121. Ask for your representative's office if you know his/her name. If you don't, simply give the operator your address. (Please be patient for an answer, as it sometimes takes several rings to get through. If it's too late to call, please call back tomorrow morning.)

(2) SPEAK YOUR MIND: When the receptionist in your representative's office answers the phone, politely say: "My name is ________ and I'd like my representative to vote against Representative Souder's Amendment to the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act, which denies educational opportunities to students with minor drug possession convictions. Blocking access to education causes more drug problems and hurts the economy. Thank you."

3) SPREAD THE WORD: Forward this message to everyone you know!

MORE INFO: Earlier this year, Congressional Democrats did the right thing by adding language to SAFRA (Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act, HR 3221), which would ensure that students with drug possession convictions would no longer be denied financial aid for college (since 1998, more than 200,000 students have been denied aid!). However, the Republican who created the financial aid ban (Rep. Souder) has launched a last minute campaign to keep his law in place! This will be a close vote, so every phone call counts. Your representative needs to hear from you!


Together, we can get rid of this bad law once and for all!

Micah Daigle, Executive Director
Students for Sensible Drug Policy