Facebook Quizzes: What Do They Know About You?

If you are on Facebook, you've undoubtedly seen the quizzes that are so popular on the site. Perhaps you or your friends have even taken some. These quizzes might be fun, but it's shocking just how much of your information quizzes can access and how little Facebook does to safeguard that information. That's why the ACLU has created their own Facebook quiz that demonstrates what could be revealed when you, or your friends, take any other quiz on Facebook.

Take our Facebook quiz and find out: What do quizzes really reveal about you? [no longer active]

We know it's a little weird that the ACLU is warning us about Facebook quizzes by asking you to take a Facebook quiz -- but at least we know who they are and that they have a real privacy policy that they're committed to upholding. Can you say the same for every unknown developer of every quiz you or your friends take?

Chances are you can't. This quiz shows you firsthand how Facebook allows any quiz developer to access your personal information-including religious and political views, sexual orientation, pictures, groups, and posts. And how most of your personal information can be exposed even if it's your friend, and not you, who takes one of these quizzes.

If details about your personal life are collected by a quiz developer, who knows where they could end up or how they could be used. Shared? Sold? Turned over to the government?

It's time for Facebook to upgrade its privacy controls to give you control of your personal information.

Start by taking the ACLU quiz and changing your own Facebook privacy settings, and then sign our online petition and demand that Facebook give you real control over your own information by default!


Eric, Gerri, Lisa, Shannon, Suzanne and Jeremy
ACLU Online Team