Father of NFL Player Claims Houston PD Officers Beat Him

The father of an NFL star claims he was brutally beating by Houston police officers.

Marvin Driver, Jr., father of Green Bay Packers Pro-bowl wide receiver Donald Driver, claims the attack took place Sunday.

Around 2 a.m., Marvin Driver was stopped by police for four outstanding traffic warrants. He was taken into custody and then less than an hour later, he was rushed to the emergency room.

Though unable to speak, Marvin Driver was able to scribble details of the alleged assault on hospital napkins.

Houston Activist Quanell X says Marvin Driver was taken behind a local gas station by police officers, kicked and beaten. Quanell X also said officers allegedly forced Marvin Driver to swallow something and allegedly taunted him by saying, "This is going to take you to Jesus."

Houston Police Department officials said they're aware of the allegations, and are working on issuing a statement.