Abuse Of Disabled Parking At Miami Airport

Officials launched an investigation after discovering that the disabled parking spaces at a South Florida airport was being occupied by healthy airport employees.

According to the Office of the Inspector General, a county agency that investigates fraud, a thorough investigation, including surveillance video was performed at the Miami International Airport. "It is clear to me just based on what we found at the airport, looking at the video, which speaks for itself, you'd have to draw your own conclusion as to whether you think this people are severely disabled," said Inspector General Christopher Mazzella.

Officials said more than 200 employees are breaking this law. Ironically, employees have their own free lot to park their vehicles, but it requires them to take a shuttle to their designated terminals, which causes inconvenience to them.

Instead, they occupy the much needed handicapped spots that are closer to the terminal. "The county passed an ordinance many many many years ago, allowing disabled individuals to park for free. It's the only county in the country that does so," said Mazzella.

Authorities concluded that only four county workers are involved in the case, the majority of the rest work for independent airport vendors.

Investigators said it will be up to each individual employer to discipline these parking violators. Authorities continue to investigate.