Elementary School Teacher Mocks Disabled Student

School police are investigating a teacher at Canal Point Elementary. Sixth grade teacher Linda Rease allegedly humiliated and mocked a physically-challenged boy in her class March 14.

The boy's mother Tonya Burgess says her 13 year old son Dave Croney was born with deformities of his hands and feet. As a result, he has limited use of his hands and walks with a limp. Burgess says Ms. Rease called her son up to the front of the classroom in front of the other students, and mocked him using gestures to imitate how he moves his arms and hands and how he walks with a limp. Then, Burgess says, Ms. Rease told Croney to go down the hall to a male teacher's classroom and she referred to a sex act. Burgess says the principal at Canal Point has received written statements from thirteen of her son's classmates saying they witnessed the incident and that it actually happened.

The principal at Canal Point Elementary declined comment, saying the matter is under investigation. She referred us to the school district. A district spokesman also said due to the investigation he could not comment. However, he did say "School police are looking into an allegation that a teacher allegedly used bad judgement involving a student during class." Ms. Rease is still teaching at Canal Point Elementary, but Burgess says her son is no longer in Rease's class.