Is Know My Rights anti-police?

No. We believe that most police officers are good, hardworking people who are doing a tough job. We need police to safeguard the life, liberty, and property of all people. To do this best, police officers should be trained to serve as peace officers whose goal is to preserve people's constitutional rights. In other words, the number of arrests an officer makes should not be a factor used to determine his job performance. Instead, we believe that performance should be measured by the officer's ability to maintain a safe, peaceful neighborhood and earn the residents' trust.

Still, there are always bound to be some dissenters when pushing for social change. Regardless, we'd like to think that anyone and everyone with a real understanding of what we're trying to accomplish supports Know My Rights and our programs. We're fighting against oppression, and oppressive laws and practices are not typically aimed at the social elite. They're aimed at people who don't readily have the knowledge or means to fight it, and oppression must be stopped at the beginning if it's going to be stopped at all.